PROBUS – Wroclaw Guides Team

Who are we? Generally speaking PROBUS is a name of group of guides, which in May 2005 completed course of city guides organised by Polish Tourist Society. The course ended with an exam in the Lower Silesia Provincial Office, what is confirmed by our Certificates and by our Identity Cards. Certainly you may ask: “there are many guides in Wrocіaw, why shall we choose just your group? In fact, there are many guides in Wrocіaw, but there is one thing that differs us from the others. It is our PASSION – a very important feature of a real guide. The name of our PASSION is Wrocіaw, and everything related to this city. The history of the city and, especially, the diversity or representatives of various cultures living there gives us indications how to spend our life in a not boring and trivial way. As more we are acquainted with our city as more we realise that Wrocіaw is a bottomless pit that may supply us endlessly with the new facts and ideas. That’s why we’ve established the PROBUS GROUP.